July 11, 2009

Our Organization

This Organization shall be known as "The Scott County Historical Society":. The name was amended on November 15, 1997 to be known as the "Scott County Historical & Genealogy Society".

The purpose of this organization shall be, to discover and memorialize the history of Scott County, Missouri, to discover, purchase, commission, or otherwise procure, and to publish or otherwise preserve writings, newspapers, journals, and the like, which shed light on the history of the region. To discover, procure, and preserve physical objects that may relate to the history of the region.

2009 Officers

Gail Hennecke, President
Margaret Heuring, Vice President
Caryl Hairston, Secretary
Lois Spalding, Treasurer
Susan Bailey, Historian

2009 Board Members

Deborah Gunter, Four Year Board Member
Susan Bailey, Three Year Board Member
Tom Dirnberger, Two Year Board Member
Gary Ziegler, One Year Board Member
William Shell, Term up in August
Francis Siebert, Advisor to the Board

If you wish to contact our officers, please send an email to



History of our Organization

On November 15, 1980 an organizational meeting was held in the Morley, Missouri Community Building to discuss the possibility of formulating a Historical Society for Scott County Missouri. Eight persons were present at that very first meeting, they were:

J. Mason Emerson
Fred Lasater
Judge Louis Hirschowitz
Ramona (Mrs. Sylvester) Glastetter
Mary (Mrs. Con) McArthur
Sylester Glastetter
Mildred (Mrs. Fred) Lasater
Janice Emerson Edmiston

At this meeting, Judge Louis Hirschowit was elected President by acclamation. Other officers selected were:

Vice President Ramona Glastetter

Treasurer Mary McArthur

Secretery Janice Edmiston

Parliamentarian Mason Emerson

Reporter Mildred Lasater

Other matters decided on at that first meeting were as follows:

1. The name of the organization will be "Scott County Historical Society";
2. The purpose of the organization will be the preservation of the history of Scott County, and the dissemination of information to the general public;
3. The meeting place will be in the Scott County Courtroom at Benton, MO.;
4. The time of the meeting will be the first Monday of each month at 7:00 PM

At a later meeting the By-Laws and Constitution were accepted as presented by a committee named by President Hirschowitz. The committee members included Bill Clayton, Sikeston; Bob Knight, Scott City; and Mason Emerson, Cape Girardeau. The Articles of Confederation were received in January, 1981. Membership dues were set for $3.00 a year, with $100 for a lifetime membership.

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