June 19, 2011

Halloween Party


Judith Ann Stewart
I know it is only June, but you have to plan ahead for these things, just wanted to let everyone know that the Scott County Historical Society is planning a fun event for the Halloween season, on October 15th 2011, we are going to have a tour of the old Benton Cemetery, we are going to have people to portray the important people that ...helped to make Benton the town that it is today, there are alot of people buried out there that had a important position in the forming of Benton. Also, i will be having a haunted house tour of my home, for those of you who arnt familiar with the house, it is the big two story house behind the courthouse, it is the oldest house in Benton, and was built by Joseph Hunter lll he was originally from New Madrid, but moved to Benton Mo in 1830 and built this house, Josephs wife Elizabeth and one of his daughters are also buried in the old Benton cemetery. It should be a really fun night, so if anyone has any cool ideals or would like to help out with the event just let me know, keep your calender marked for October 15, 2011. I will keep you posted with more info at a later date.

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